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We are proud to have multiple partners that are willing to partner with the Ignite the Spark community in order to grow the Israeli Energy Tech Innovation Ecosystem and Sector. 


Start-Up Nation Central is the prime driver and facilitator of Israeli innovation that boosts business growth and generates impact.

Start-Up Nation Central has been a partner since the beginning of ITS, supporting us in multiple events and they continue to assist the community, as well as many other sectors. We have been able to work together to gather up to date data on the ecosystem through our yearly ecosystem landscape map, participating in each others events to encourage full participation of all stakeholders, and hosting events together to share with the world the strength of the ecosystem.

NetZero Logo

NetZero’s mission is to invest in very early stage and high-risk ClimaTech ventures. Through an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and global partners, NetZero aims to shape the future of ClimaTech Innovation.


​ As our sole private-sector partner, we are proud to have NetZero on-board as a strategic partner. We endorse their main  goal of incubating energy start-ups at the most challenging early stages, and appriciate their work in transforming them to grow and become the future of the Israeli Energy Tech Sector. To help Net-Zero Tech Ventures succeed in this mission we are sharing knowledge and genuine insights about the ecosystem on an going basis.

Eilat Eilot Logo

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative is a public benefit company, owned by the southern Arava kibbutzim and regional bodies. The goal is to develop the field of renewable energy as a lever for regional development in the city of Eilat and the Eilot Regional Council. ​


Eilat-Eilot has helped facilitate a initial constructive relationship of the two communities and has an unprecedented record of being a leader in the ecosystem. together we help each other to build unique educational and innovative programs for the Israeli energy ecosystem.

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