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QA Engineer

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10 באפריל 2021

Job Location

שדמה - ישובי עשרת (גדרה)


Shfela and Jerusalem

About the job

We're looking for a QA Engineer to join our R&D team:


We're looking for a QA Engineer to join our R&D team and also work closely with developers, product managers, support and customer success, for giving our enterprise customers the best value and quality. As a QA Automation Engineer, you will be responsible for manual and automation testing, implementing, deploying and monitoring the hardware embedded system & web/mobile applications of Nostromo Energy
1.3+ years of experience as a manual QA engineer
2.1+ years of experience in web/mobile automation testing (Selenium, TestNG, Cypress, Appium)
3.3+ years of experience with Agile/Scrum development methodologies
4.Knowledge of QA methodologies including plan, design, execution and reporting
5.Experience in testing Web applications, Client & Server-side and Rest API
6.Experience working within a Linux / Windows environment
7.Familiar working with Cloud Computing services

About us

Nostromo - Cooling Global Warming
Nostromo Energy has developed the most cost-effective, safe and clean Energy storage system available, based on water! Nostromo IceBrick™, an Ice-based Thermal Energy Storage system, stores electric power during off-peak hours/surplus solar and later uses it for cooling during peak hours. Nostromo's technology can shift up to 95% of the electricity demand used for cooling of commercial customers such as data centers, office buildings, airports, hotels, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, or any other facility that uses a centralized chiller system for cooling. IceBrick™ is an innovative energy cell which is energy-efficient, inexpensive, and modular.

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