Energy Farm

We are looking for 15 brave entrepreneurs that will join us for a short but intense journey of raising the next founders of Israeli Energy Tech Unicorns.

For two days, expect to have an intensive deep dive into the emerging world of energy technology, meet internationally renowned experts and do some 'Tachles' work of building an energy-related venture.

Interested? We definitely are.  

What to expect?

  • 10 hours of energy entrepreneurship content

  • F2F meetings with industry experts

  • Practical assignments for smooth kick start

  • Finding your future Co-Founder 

Please read below for more details 

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What To Expect?

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Staff Meeting

We want want you comitted 

To ensure you are committed to the workshop - you will be asked to deposit 300 ILS at the start of the workshop - which will be returned at the end of the second day. This is to ensure you value this time as much as we do, but apart from that the workshop is FREE.

We guess you have some questions

Who is the perfect candidate as a participate in this workshop?

There is no "Perfect persona" we are looking for, however, we are looking for a passionate individual which sees themselves building an energy-related startup in the upcoming year. Both business and technical-oriented individuals are more than welcome. Prior entrepreneurship experience is definitely a plus.

Why should I attend? How is this different to any 'normal' accelerator

The answer is simple - energy is awesome. This is a growing market globally that attracted over 4B USD globally of tech investments in the last 12 months. This Industry has a true potential to be disrupted to fight climate change and generate substation impact.

Unlike traditional Accelerators, this is a boutique, one-time concentrated workshop focused on the differentiation of the entrepreneurship skills which are needed for the energy world.

Why are you charging money for the workshop?

We are not. We ask for a deposit in order to verify that each participant will make sure to gain as much as possible from the workshop while making sure he will not occupy the spot of another candidate. We are happy to have organized quality content and workshops given by over a dozen intl. experts from various backgrounds.

Who are the speakers?

Here is a shortlist: 🤙 Mr. Kurt Hoppe - President, Digital Products & Strategic Innovation, Stanley Black & Decker Noa Rochicing 🤙Mrs. Ranit Edgar, Senior Innovation Manager. ScottishPower 🤙 Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini - Founder & CEO of Grid4C 🤙 Prof. Yael Parag - Vice Dean of the School of Sustainability, at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) 🤙 Mr. Aurelien Troonbeeckx - Trasfomation coach for startups, Start-it Europe. and many many more...

Is the workshop virtual or F2F? In what language?

We meet in person ( :-) ) , under the 'Tav Yarok' Restricitons. Approximately 50% of the workshops will be held in English.

Are only entrepernuers with an Idea for a startup are welcome?

Not at all - We want people who are open minded, regardless to their level of understanding deeply the energy markets. We give energy fundamentals - while you will come up one day with an idea which will change the world

Image by Ashes Sitoula

Where and when?

The workshop will span over two half-days, starting from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

Day 1 ( 25.10.21 ) - Quantum Hub ,Herzliya

Day 2 ( 1.11.21 ) - Hertzog, Fox & Neeman, Tel-Aviv


Want to join?

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