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Our Previous Events

We have been lucky enough to host over 45 events (and counting... ) since founding our community and look forward to hosting more. Here are some the events we had the pleasure of producing and links to watch the recordings or get more information on each event.

All About Investing in Israeli Energy Tech

Every year we host our annual Energy Tech All-Stars Investors event that showcases the top Israeli Energy Tech Start-ups at various levels of funding.

Cultivating Energy Entrepreneurs

We are always looking to find the next "Elon Musk", whether through our Ignite Academia program for students, or workshops for future energy tech superstars.

Bridging International Innovation

Israeli Energy Tech is just one ecosystem, but it takes the world to change how we consumer energy. Through a series of events we compare and contrast various energy tech markets.

Trending Energy 

We love to dive deep into today's relevant topics to educate our ecosystem on how they can impact the global market as efficiently as possible.

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