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EnergyTech details (Past event)
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Start-up Nation Central, The Israeli Export Institute and Ignite The Spark are pleased to invite you to an event featuring Israel’s Top 6 Energy Influencers sharing their insights with the ecosystem and the unveiling of the 2022 Israeli Energy Tech Ecosystem Landscape Map.

A WIP of the Israeli Energy Tech Ecosystem Landscape map - 2022


16:30 - Networking

17:00 -  2022, The Year of EnergyTech - What it means for the Israeli energy Ecosystem?

Insights from our amazing influencers:

  • Karine Elharrar, Israeli Minister of Energy, Interviewed by Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central

  • Dr. Yael Harman, Deputy of Chief Scientist at The Israeli Ministry of Energy – How to Endorse Innovation From the Inside: 110M NIS Deployments into the Israeli Energy Tech Sector in 2021

  • Roee Furman, Managing Director Doral Energy Tech Ventures – 10 Energy Tech Investments in 1 year


  • Yoav Katsavoy, Acting Chairman of the Israeli Power Authority – Power Authority in the Decade of Reform and Decarbonization

  • Prof. Avner Rothschild, Senior Faculty member (Technion) & Co-Founder of H2Pro - THe transformation of an academic research to a climate Unicorn


  • Dorit Banet, Director of Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy – NGOs That Make a Change: Eilat Eilot as 100% Renewable Energy as a Case Study


  • Israel Fisher, Energy Correspondence at TheMarker – What are the Geopolitical Impacts?


18:20 - Emerging power(s) in the Israeli Energytech Ecosystem

18:30 - Wrap up to start with the real work!

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