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Who we are?

A Home To EnergyTech Professionals

Ignite The Spark is a community that promotes EnergyTech in Israel, with an emphasis on the following Sub Sectors of Energy:

  • Renewable and conventional energy sources

  • Methods for storing energy

  • Energy Efficiency & smart loads

  • Cutting edges electrical Infrastructure and more.


The community arose out of the need to bring together all key stakeholders involved in the field in one place. The community is the meeting point that allows direct communication and the transfer of information in a simple convenient way.

1,000 Energy Enthusiasts

Today, we are proud to say that the community has grown to over a 1,000 individuals who communicate through our different media channels. Over 2019-2020 the community held an outstanding record of events and activities approaching a wide range of fields and stakeholders that are all part of the EnergyTech ecosystem.

Our goal is to serve as a community incubator for scientists, business professionals, students and entrepreneurs in the field by creating a fruitful and mutually beneficial dialogue thus creating a qualitative and productive discourse on this important issue that will generate movement and momentum towards the new future of EnergyTech

Join Us & Promote Energy Transition In Israel

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Israeli Energy Tech Ecosystem Map

As an ongoing commitment to our members, we like to keep our community informed about all our latest developments.

We are constantly updating our site with exciting news and announcements on our latest community happenings, and are happy to share them with you. Check out all of our latest updates, and stay informed about what’s happening with our community.

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We are thankful for Start-up Nation Central and The Israeli Export Institute who partnered with us on this project


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