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InNegev is a unique technology incubator dedicated to fostering top-tier Israeli innovation and generating a vibrant new growth model for the Negev region.


Implementing your solution is one of the toughest hurdles to overcome.

Join a unique group of energy entrepreneurs looking to pave the way into creating a impactful EnergyTech venture - innovators just like you! 
Together, you will brainstorm with leading mentors from the industry, in order to boost your idea and make it a reality.

Throughout the sessions, you will receive valuable personal feedback and learn how to tackle challenges with your existing solution.

Get into creation with mentors, experts and eventually - investors.

       3 sessions to validate your idea | 1 session to meet your co-founder | ZERO bulls***

Business discussion session

The Circle


The circle is the core forum of the Energy Ideation2Creation workshop, and it will be comprised of nothing but 15 entrepreneurs with existing Energy Tech startup ideas that need a "kick" into the next phase.

CIRCLE | "a group of people with shared professions, interests, or acquaintances."

Your Idea

Your idea should be related to the EnergyTech sector and its challenges. We will help you fine tune it within the circle.

If you are unsure about your idea, or want a spark for a relevant idea, you can check out below some of the challenges we are looking to crack. 

Light Bulb


A partial list of challenges that we are interested in. Other ideas are also welcomed!

A staff checking solar panels

Energy Efficiency

Solutions for different manufacturing applications, utilize high-performance products to reduce energy consumption and optimize industrial operations

Sustainable Energy

Energy Generation Solutions

 Wind, solar, wave energy, waste2energy, geothermal power plants, nuclear, fusion and more!

Energy Storage

Improved efficiency and improved safety for energy storage devices and facilities

Electric Car Charger


  • 1st Session - Brainstorming & Assessment  

  • 2nd Session - Validation & Enhancement   

  • 3rd Session - Implementation & Competition 

  • 4th session - Matchmaking with potential co-founders.

Award for the best idea

10K grant for PCT/provisional.

InNegev Incubator will evaluate an investment into breakthrough concepts.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy legal services package at preferred terms, including the deferral of payment until fundraising.

Bright Idea Bulb
Signing a Contract

Confidentiality and Trust

During this circle, you will be asked to share your own idea and hear your fellow participants ideas. We believe that sharing is the best way to get validation, but to ensure trust within the circle, those selected will be required to sign a declaration around confidentially with the ideas shared in the circle.


לוגו חדש אנגלית כחול שקוף.png
innegev logo.png

Domain Experts


IP & Legal


When and Where

Session 1

Date | 14/02/24

Location | Reinhold Cohn  


Session 3

Date | 16/04/24

Location | InNegev (subject to guidelines)

Session 2

Date | 12/03/24

Location | Afcon

Session 4

Date | 01/05/24

Location | Tadiran

  • Who should apply for this circle?
    Entrepreneurs with an existing idea that want to move forward.
  • Why should I apply for this circle?
    - I need a boost / review of my idea - implement my vision in a professional program. - I want to validate the product market fit for my idea.
  • I don’t have an idea but I’m really interested to be part of this, should I apply?
    Our target audience for this circle are entrepreneurs with pre-existing ideas - so we would not recommend applying without one. If you are in need for some inspiration - check out our partner’s list of challenges to overcome. If you’ll have an idea that helps resolve one of these challenges - that’s a plus!
  • What happens if I realize my idea, let's say, is not the greatest?
    PIVOT! Or, in different words, our partners have a bunch of real life challenges that they seek to solve, and you may take as an alternative to your original idea.
  • When is the deadline to apply for this circle?
    Applications is open until 02/02/24
  • Does this program cost money?
    No. There is 500 ILS deposit to ensure your commitments, that will be returned to you at the end of the program.

All set? Then...

... and POWER UP!

Got more questions? Contact us:

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