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Rebuild, better.

The events of October 7 have left in all of us a great void, deeply broken, and carrying pain that we will never forget.


The Ignite The Spark community believes that action and community unity creates change. We have begun to provide immediate assistance to the evacuees surrounding Gaza and the fighting forces. The failure that befell Israel, and its consequences, will be a longstanding national trauma for many years to come, but the 'Otef Israel' region will not remain evacuated, and the entire Israel will prevail.

In the midst of the pain, out of the ruins, an opportunity arose to rehabilitate the damaged settlements not only to their previous state, but to re-establish them as forward-looking thriving places of residency. One can make better homes, factories and agriculture: climate-adapted, energy-efficient, energy-independent, zero-emissions and waste-reducers. The reconstruction of the 'Otef Israel' is an opportunity to harness the human capital of Israeli society to thrive for a better future that ensures clean energy and climate resilience for its habitats.

Demonstrating Israel's innovative power embedded in our mentality, and harnessing it as a tool to spearhead and contribute to the rehabilitation of the damaged area will make a significant difference. This can add an important layer of impetus to the necessary need for its revival and turn the area into a global pioneer of a sustainable establishments that cares for the well-being of its residents and its environment.


We are required at this difficult time to also think now about our future here, and to reflect about how we will build, restore and secure our future and our homes the day after. From this, we find it appropriate to start today to become ready, establish action teams, harness technologies for needs and mobilize the resources required.

 The  focus on providing technological solutions for three main needs

Energy Independence

 The ability to meet the community's energy needs independently, reliably and sustainably

Circular Economy
Waste Reduction

Solutions focused on energy production from waste, waste disposal and transportation.

Energy Efficiency

Enhancing energy efficiency at home and in the community by optimizing climate control within buildings, including heating, cooling, and overall user well-being.

Action will take place simultaneously in two stages:


The near term is aimed at providing an immediate solution to the evacuees of the Otaf which will take about two years. The long term aspect focuses on the extensive process of reconstructing the settlements and facilitating the return of residents to their homes.


In each of these time periods, the place of technology is important and necessary both in the existential aspect of rebirth, fast and efficient, and to demonstrate the powers of innovation as a force multiplier for amplitude and positioning the rehabilitated area as a ground-breaker. 


The Ignite community will work with a wide range of partners and stakeholders from the local community and Israeli technologies, while involving international actors interested in promoting an agenda of momentum and progress also in the future aspect of the residents of the Otaf. We can mention, for example, the Takuma Administration, the residents and other entities from the private, public and other sectors, in the pursuit of including the needs and innovation in these areas. To this end, we will establish 4 working groups: three professional teams whose purpose is to evaluate technologies in the areas indicated above (Energy Independence, Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy”) of their influence and maturity. Another super team whose goal will be to create an integration that will give value to the local players (residents, business owners and local authorities).

For example: a company that can supply solar roof kits, with immediate production capabilities, will be able to integrate in the temporary construction. If there is a company that develops storage technology, it will be able to conduct a pilot in the neighborhood, in integration with the kits.

We call on experts, large companies, startups, innovation communities, investment entities and service providers who know how to add value in this movement to join us. We consider it appropriate to see the difficult times we are facing as an opportunity to build a better and sustainable future here.


In addition to our normal events that are as complex as the ones we are experiencing today, including climate crises, we would like to build an organization that looks to the future, and that knows how to bring the most appropriate technologies suitable to restore and build in a high-quality, efficient, progressive and sustainable manner. Let's unite we to rebuild.


Because we have no other country.

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