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Past Events

Here are some the events we had the pleasure of producing and links to watch the recordings or get more information on each event. Find the recordings on our Youtube channel.

Bridging International Innovation

The Israeli Energy Tech ecosystem stands as a significant force, yet transforming our energy consumption requires a global endeavor. To facilitate this collective effort, we have curated a series of events that delve into diverse energy tech markets, offering valuable insights through comparisons and contrasts.

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Trending Energy 

We love to dive deep into today's relevant topics to educate our ecosystem on how they can impact the global market as efficiently as possible.

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Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.39.10 AM.png

In collaboration with esteemed entities such as the US Embassy and the US Department of Energy, and featuring the expertise of Dr. Noah Kaufman, we present an event dedicated to the critical topic of climate and energy policy. As a community, we have witnessed substantial transformations taking place in the United States, and now, we embark on a comprehensive exploration to uncover and analyze the ongoing developments in real-time.

Solar Panels on Trees

Our event encompasses two engaging interactive panels that provide a unique blend of perspectives. These panels shed light on the inner workings and challenges faced by start-ups in the energy and climate sector, offering valuable insights and behind-the-scenes information. With a specific focus on fundraising, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and intricacies involved in securing financial support for ventures in this industry.

This event delved into the intersection of these two industries, showcasing how technology and innovation are disrupting and reshaping the energy and financial sectors. The full recording of the meetup offers an in-depth exploration of the topics discussed. The agenda distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights, providing a diverse range of perspectives on the subject matter.

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