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Ignite Academia

Ignite Academia, powered by Ignite the Spark, is a thriving sub-community designed exclusively for scholars in the energy field. Our primary objective is to create strong connections between academia and industry, while also empowering students to embark on their journey into the dynamic realm of Energy-tech.

"We firmly believe that by expanding students' knowledge base about the energy industry, we can significantly enhance their ability to integrate seamlessly into the professional landscape, make informed career decisions, and even embark on their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Through a range of comprehensive resources, mentorship opportunities, and industry collaborations, Ignite Academia equips students with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the ever-evolving energy sector with confidence and success. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of energy leaders and fostering an environment where academic excellence converges with real-world innovation."

Green Park

Highlighted events

  • Our annual research event provides a stage for young researchers to present their innovative research.

  • The Jerusalem cell hosts "Energy on the Bar" once a month with sold-out tickets.

  • The Technion cell visited Apollo Power and organized a hackathon dealing with extreme hot weather.

  • The Tel Aviv cells visited Gen Cell and introduced students to advanced research in the Faculty of Engineering.

  •  The IDC cell organized a panel about entrepreneurs and regulations on Earth Day.

Working with student clubs of these institutions:


the vision: 

The hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Our vision is to help promote the green energy revolution in Jerusalem through raising awareness among the population, making information accessible, and connecting academia, students and industry."

ben Gurion University of the Negev

"Our vision is to lead the field of renewable energy at Ben-Gurion University, to raise awareness, expand the world of content of the students and researchers on campus. All in order to influence their decisions and their careers, knowing that academia has a direct impact on the future of the field."

Technion: Israel institute of technology

"We seek to expose and connect students to the renewable energy and climate-tech industry. We believe that through collaborations between students, researches and the industry - we can help create innovations to help solve the energy crisis and climate change."

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