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Energy Farm
Bigger, Better, and Unique.

Get ready for an intense and insightful journey to become the founder of the next Israeli energy tech unicorn. Join a select group of 18 visionary entrepreneurs and take part in this mission.

Everything you need to build an Energy Venture.

For four days, expect to have an intensive deep dive into the emerging world of energy technology, meet internationally renowned experts, and do some 'Tachles' work of building an energy-related venture.

Interested? We definitely are.  

What's in it?

20 hours of energy entrepreneurship content

F2F meetings with industry experts

Practicl assignments for a smooth kickstart

Finding your future Co-Founder (or at least a friend in the industry) 

Be part of an exclusive alumni group with 30 other amazing entrepreneurs that have completed our workshops.

Energy Pioneers Of Tomorrow

Business discussion session

What To Expect?

Product-market fit

Finding a PMF is always tough.

When it comes to Power,
E-mobility, and other industries related to energy, it is almost impossible. 

Let's tackle it together.

Money talks

Getting in the know about fundraising, grants, and business plans for capital-intensive energy startups.

Professional visits

Have you ever been to a battery factory? A lab that researches for the Fuel-Cell of tomorrow? How about a floating PV plant? 

A one of a kind experience guaranteed

Practical assignments

Get your hands dirty!

Instead of talking, participants will build a venture and test their key assumption with the mentors.

Learn from the veterans

5 different energy tech entrepreneurs will come and share with you insights about their journey

Workshops with utility innovation managers

When talking to different energy stakeholders, understanding how they think is key.
Explore the challenges with the people who define them.


Our Partners

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We want you committed.

To ensure you are committed to the workshop - you will be asked to deposit 500 ILS at the start of the workshop - which will be returned at the end of the fourth day. This is to ensure you value this time as much as we do, but apart from that the workshop is FREE.

  • Who should apply for this circle?
    Entrepreneurs with an existing idea that want to move forward.
  • Why should I apply for this circle?
    - I need a boost / review of my idea - implement my vision in a professional program. - I want to validate the product market fit for my idea.
  • I don’t have an idea but I’m really interested to be part of this, should I apply?
    Our target audience for this circle are entrepreneurs with pre-existing ideas - so we would not recommend applying without one. If you are in need for some inspiration - check out our partner’s list of challenges to overcome. If you’ll have an idea that helps resolve one of these challenges - that’s a plus!
  • What happens if I realize my idea, let's say, is not the greatest?
    PIVOT! Or, in different words, our partners have a bunch of real life challenges that they seek to solve, and you may take as an alternative to your original idea.
  • When is the deadline to apply for this circle?
    Applications is open until 02/02/24
  • Does this program cost money?
    No. There is 500 ILS deposit to ensure your commitments, that will be returned to you at the end of the program.
Solar Heating Buildings

Where and when?

The workshop will span over four half-days,

from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

There is also an exclusive tour just for you.

Tour hours TBA

Day 1 | 16.04.23 - POINT (LABS) , Tel-Aviv

Day 2 | 23.04.23 - MIXER, Herzliya

Day 3 | 08.05.23 - Herzog, Fox & Neeman, Tel-Aviv

Industry Tour | 16.05.23  

Day 4 | 21.05.23 - HiCity, Herzliya


Registration is open until 26/03/23

Hydroelectric Plant

Got any more questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us:

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